Mindbody Research Consortium
University of Miami
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5665 Ponce De Leon Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146-0751

contact AT mindbodyresearch DOT org


Thank you for visiting this site to sell laptop like new at thewebdesigngirl.com. The Mind-Body Research Consortium is a multi-institution, multi-investigator, collaborative group of psychologists, medical professionals, neuroscientists, clinicians, contemplative practitioners and teachers, and 'contemplative practices-inspired' intervention specialists who aim to use ESN checker and better understand the basic cognitive and affective changes that occur during contemplative mind-body interventions. Cognitive (attention, working memory, meta-cognition) and affective (emotion regulation and reactivity) functions are core mental operations at the heart of contemplative practices as they are taught.

Attention on the breath, mantra, or posture
Awareness of emotions and sensations

While there is growing support that contemplative mind-body interventions including mindfulness-based training programs, meditation retreats, yoga, and tai chi practices have positive mental and physical health and well-being consequences, the mechanisms by which these salutary effects come about are not well understood. In this site you will find information on how to become involved in our research effort (Participate), access to our Online Testing Center (you may also visit the Jha Lab’s website), information about the consortium Team, and General Information regarding our research.

Whether you are a potential or current collaborator, prospective or active research participant we welcome you to the site!